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C'ONE Hotel Plaza

C'ONE Hotel Plaza is integration of Smart Hotel and Plaza where the pleasure and business meet, located in strategic area, Jl. Letjend Suprapto, Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta.

Promo Price Rp. 390.000/Room/Nite

Suite room, Complementary Tea and Coffee, Free Internet Connection, World Wide TV Cable.



Rent Price start from Rp. 625.000/month


  1. Dimension of Kios, start from 5 M2
  2. Dimension of Counter, start from 5 M2
  3. Office and Bank
  4. Smart Hotel with 52 Rooms
  5. 24 Hours Security with CCTV
  6. Parking Area with 200 vehicles
  7. ATM Centre
  8. Musholla
  9. Food Court
  10. Plaza is integrated with Bussway Halter


  1. Finishing Wall: Gypsum
  2. Electricity: 1300 watt
  3. Finishing Floor: Ceramic
  4. Finishing Plafon: Gypsum
  5. Water: PAM

Amenities: Rolling Door, AC, Light, Sprinkle, Elevators

Jl. Letjend Suprapto
Cempaka Putih
Jakarta 10520

Tel. 021 4288 2626, 021 4288 25 25
Fax. 021 4288 0098
Email: c_onehotelplaza.mktg@grandcempakagroup.com